Carqon Classic Derailleur

€ 5.799,00
Classic Derailleur
Black - BlackRed - BlackGrey - White
Diameter voorwiel: 20 inch - Diameter achterwiel: 27,5 inch cm
Type versnellingen
10-speed Shimano derailleur
Type motor
Bosch Performance CX Cargoline middenmotor
Bruto bereik
met dualbatterij 400 Wh of 500 Wh: 100 - 120 km
Accu wattuur
400 Wh


The Carqon Classic.

A stylish and robust electric cargo bike. Super safe thanks to the high body with a unique integrated children’s door.

Stylish. Powerful. Carqon Classic.

Distinctive as a whole, fully developed down to the smallest detail. The Carqon Classic is designed to give you and your children the best cargo bike experience. Starting at €5799.

Battery (single or double)

400 watt    €5799.-

500 watt    €5999.-

2 x 400 watt   €6599.-

2 x 500 watt   €6999.-

No lifting!

The Carqon Classic is the first two-wheeled electric cargo bike with an integrated children’s door. This allows your children to climb aboard quickly and easily. The door has a double childproof safety lock. For independence, fun, and safety.

High and safe box

Protect your most precious cargo. It starts with a high, sturdy box in which your children feel safe and secure. The Carqon Classic tray is made of strong, recyclable HDPE plastic and offers space for two children and a baby in a Maxi Cosi.

The power of electric

Thanks to the electric assistance through the Bosch mid-motor and the impressive available range of 120 kilometres, you can cycle through traffic quickly and easily. Get everything done twice as fast – with or without children.

Take each turn effortlessly

The cycling comfort of the Carqon Classic electric cargo bike is optimal thanks to the high torsional stiffness of the aluminium frame, the low centre of gravity, the wide all-terrain tyres, and the front-fork suspension. Even on the bumpiest roads, your child will be able to doze off comfortably.