Carqon Flatbed Enviolo

€ 5.699,00
Flatbed Enviolo
Petrol / Black
Type versnellingen
Enviolo Stepless Gear Hub with Gates Belt Drive
Remmen voor
Tektro Dorado 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Remmen achter
Tektro Dorado 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Type motor
Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line
Bruto bereik
400Wh: 40–60 km - 500Wh: 50–70 km km
Accu wattuur
400 Wh
3.5 hours on average with 4A Bosch charger


The Carqon Flatbed.

With the versatile Carqon Flatbed you’ll be ready for anything. An all-rounder with powerful Bosch electric assistance, offering transport possibilities for all goods you can imagine.

Battery (single or double)

400 watt   €5699.-
500 watt   €5899.-
2 x 400 watt   €6499.-
2 x 500 watt   €6899.-

Ready? Let’s load it up.

Load your goods, choose your route and start your trip. The Flatbed platform offers multiple ways of fixing your goods. For the entrepreneur or for the adventurer. Start your job, or your day on adventure with the feeling that your load is safe.

Built for long distances

Far away is now quite a bit closer thanks to the Flatbed. The Bosch Cargo Line motor with dual batteries option gives a 120-140 kilometer range. The seaside or the forest, visiting that one friend or that special spot, you’ll be able to get there quickly, cleanly, and efficiently – with or without cargo.

Carqon Flatbed. A multi-purpose performer

The 100% aluminum frame of the Flatbed has a sporty geometry and high torsional stiffness, which optimizes cycling and transport performance. Supermarkets, department stores and parcel delivery companies, as well as physiotherapists, handymen and plumbers can use the Flatbed to do their job.

Designed for entrepreneurs

Whatever you want to transport, the Carqon Flatbed makes it possible. This versatile transport bike with open panels offers multiple ways of transporting goods of different sizes and for many purposes. The sporty geometry, high torsional stiffness and 3M™ anti-slip tape provide maneuverability, stability and flexibility. Even in the smallest of streets.

Designed for adventurers

Feel free and connected to nature as you go on an adventure and travel from site to site. The Carqon Flatbed’s transport platform offers you enough space to have your camping gear with you every day.

Smooth cable-steering and electric assistance

The world is at your fingertips! The Carqon Flatbed offers smooth and refined steering, together with powerful electric assistance. Its Double Cable Steering System allows smoothness and a very small turning radius. The Bosch Cargo Line motor with dual battery option provides electric assistance, which makes even the heaviest loads as light as a feather.

Sporty durability

Fresh air, work, day to day visits.. the Carqon Flatbed is exactly built for efficient door-to-door transport. Emission-free transportation of goods of any sort and size, even into the narrowest streets, alleys and in the woods. This makes the Flatbed a smart choice for your own health and for keeping your living and working environment liveable and accessible.

Specificaties van de flatbed

  • Afmeting

    260 x 75 x 111 cm (LxBxH)

  • Gewicht

    50 kg (afhankelijk van configuratie)

  • Frame


  • Kleur

    Zwart + Zwart of Petrol

  • Remmen

    Tektro Dorado 4 Piston Hydraulische Schijfremmen

  • Versnelling

    Enviolo Stepless Gear Naafversnelling met Gates riem

  • Wielafmeting

    Voor: 20 inch - Achter: 27,5 inch

  • Banden

    Schwalbe Super Moto-X

  • Voorvork

    Suntour SF20-MOBIE

  • Afmeting flatbed

    43 x 61 cm (afmeting tussen railing systeem)

  • Materiaal

    Flatbedpanelen met stalen bevestigingshaken en bevestigingsrail

  • Motor

    Bosch Performance CX Cargoline

  • Batterij

    Bosch PowerPack Performance 400Wh of 500Wh, duo batterij optioneel

  • Display

    Bosch Purion Display

  • Verlichting

    Voor: Spanninga Axendo40 - Achter: Spanninga O-guard-XE

  • Bereik

    400Wh: 40 - 60 km - 500Wh: 50 - 70 km

  • Oplaadtijd

    3,5 uur gemiddeld met 4A Bosch oplader